domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012

Fiverr a SEO goldmine for high quality Backlink Gigs

I learnt from a post on Twitter that stated that if you bought a backlink gig from Fiverr that you just may as well throw your web site within the toilet. I thought this is wrong and that tweet should say: The unsuitable amount of backlinks from a flawed service on Fiverr might end with a penalty from search engines.

Search engines do not want to penalize a site. Just assume for a moment what implications would ensue.

It mainly implies that if I needed to assault a site, I could purchase gigs off Fiverr and in the end destroy my competition. Search engines couldn't actually let that happen. This might be an attack on their coveted algorithms.  Furthermore site owners must asks questions so that they are educated enough to place an order on Fiverr. Do you actually understand that is the best market place for backlink gigs? The competition is fierce there.

If you're a savvy buyer then you will need to know that where there's great competition, you're bound to seek out gems. The real elite are in search of ways to separate themselves from the pack.  Go searching; there are various gigs through which you will get an extreme amount of high quality for 5 bucks. I do know because I have posted lots of them.

You can have a look at my posts to guide you as to where to find nice gigs on Fiverr for backlinks.

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